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Movies I like

Fantasy, drama and suspense thrillers mostly. Loved the Green Mile.

TV shows I watch

TV?? LOL!! What's that? Seriously, I watch but very little TV. It's usually on just an arm's length away from my computer but I'm far more interested in the computer than the TV.  Most of the time, you will find me here.  Just click and come on in.


My World of Fantasy

A Private collection used with permission. Not snaggable.


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Music I listen to

I like a very wide variety of music from rock and roll to classical and I love country and western. I don't like it to be playing loud as many people do unless it's a party atmosphere and there's dancing and a few drinks. Even then when others want it louder, I could do with less volume. I guess I like it more in the background to create the perfect atmosphere for conversation among friends.

I don't like it playing at all when I am at the computer unless it's something soft and slow. I find it to be very distracting. I kinda dance to the music in my own heart.

Interesting facts about me

I am a great lover of Fantasy....anything fantasy....and Medieval Role Playing. My favorite fantasy creature is the Magestic Unicorn followed closely by the Mighty Dragon. Our Fantasy Castle lies in the Kingdom of Powis, surrounded by the Great Emerald Forest. "Tis a magical Kingdom where all things art possible.

Welcome to all who wander our way. Come in and meet new friends and share a few smiles and big laughs with us. Sigs, Games, Great People. ALL the usual PLUS you can Roam the Deepwoods of the Great Emerald Forest as a Brave & Fearless Warrior or Warrior Woman in our Medieval Role Play Games. Enter a world of Fantasy and Enchantment in the days when the Mighty Dragon and Magestic Unicorn roamed wild and free. Belly up to the bar in the baddest tavern in the kingdom, known as the Tipsy Pixie. Life without Fantasy is like the midnight sky without stars. The sky is still there but the twinkle is gone. For now, leave the Real World behind and escape into a world of adventure. Welcome Brave Warriors & Fair Maidens. Must be18.

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Our Fantasy Castle

If you wish to join us in Role Play Games, there are a couple of things I must ask of you before posting in the Games. You must first make a profile of your character. We must know who and what you are in order to know how to respond to you. Are you a Brave and FearlessWarrior or a Fair Maiden? Good or Evil?

You must also read and sign off on the Role Play Rules. Just click the links below to take you there. It will tell you all you need to know about getting started. Thank you. Glad to welcome new players into Role Play.

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Role Play Rules


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My Favorite Quotes

Life without fantasy is like the midnight sky without stars.
The sky is still there but the twinkle is gone.

You do not stop playing because you grow old.
You grow old because you stop playing.

Forgiveness is the fragrance shed by the violet upon the heel that crushed it.

The bubbling brook would lose it's song if all the pebbles were removed.

Keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Goosebumps can only be received by someone you hold in Very High Esteem, whether romantically or from the Highest Order of Respect.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

"You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'"

Are you a dreamer?

Did you ever fly to the moon in a dream or sail through the milkyway on the wings of a breeze? Perhaps you slid down a moon beam and went swinging on a star? The magical world of dreams is a wondrous realm all it's own. alone....rule the universe within your own dreams. Here, you can do what you want to do and be who you want to be. Step into our Magical Kingdom and share your dreams with us. All dreamers and poets welcome. This link will take you straight to our dream thread: Click Here

Read the beautiful poetry of Lost In Eternity Here

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